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Radiation control, radiology, measurement of noise and vibration

Influence of radiation to a human organism

Environment surrounding an individual usually has this or that background level of radiation – thus, the science "radiology" approves. At carrying out of radiation control the level is supposed to be approximately identical at the all territory of the settlement. However, in the middle of this stable level of radiation background areas with increased radiation activity can be revealed. But what are these objects and how radiation control can reveal them?

Thus, what can be a source of radiation? Under the theory of radiology, a source of radiation could be various natural resources used for production of building materials. Building materials which are used for erection of both old and modern houses (concrete, armature, red brick, etc.) can include active ions which emit radiation. The radioactive gas - radon which concentration can be rather high in cellars of buildings is not less hazardous to human health also. But the ordinary radiation control which is carried out by simple dosimeters cannot reveal or identify exactly full degree of radiation contamination. But how does radiation influence on a human organism? Researches of radiation influence on an individual have been carried out since the moment of discovery of this scientific phenomenon. An ionizing radiation or radiation can change a basis of all cells in a human organism - DNA.

The result is cell enlargement disorder and death, or on the contrary - uncontrolled cell fission - that is cancer. Thus, the radiology basing on thousand researches has come to a conclusion on absolute danger of increased radiation dozes to an individual. "Increased" means excess of a background level of radiation.

The Company EcoStandard Group possesses all modern knowledge in the field of radiology and the newest devices for fast, impartial and reliable assessment of a radiation contamination degree of the territory.

Influence of noise and vibration on a human organism

Such problems of modern megapolises as noise and vibration only increase in intensity every year. Why did the modern science begin researching the problem of noise and vibration influence on a human organism so actively? Why did measurement of vibration become an obligatory research at many enterprises and organizations? This is due to the fact that the present-day medicine has started sounding alarm: number of occupational diseases - vibrating illness and deafness caused by long-term influence of noise and vibration on an employee of such enterprise, grows. Many professions connected with work in these conditions fell within the risk groups.

The problem of noise and vibration became relevant not only for industrial and infrastructural objects but also for usual office and residential premises last decade.

For this reason our Company EcoStandard Group offers the complex services on measurement of vibration and noise level. We carry out similar researches using the newest most precision instruments. It has allowed us to receive permission for measurement of vibration and noise carried out judicially. However, please, be attentive: some companies and experts can offer you cheaper services in view of using old, less precision instruments, thus at judicial proceedings the report of such research can not be considered.

Our experts will quickly and qualitatively carry out measurement of noise and vibration level at your object. By results of measurements the detailed statement is made and reports of researches are attached.

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